Delegates and Alternates

Please complete and submit the below online form to designate your club’s delegates and alternates to the 103rd Annual District Education Convention to be held at the Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, NV, August 10-12, 2023. For your information, we provide below Article VI, Sections 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of our District Bylaws:

Section 6. At any district convention, each club shall be entitled to seat up to (3) delegates, tow (2) of whom should be the club president and president-designate, as well as nominate three alternates who may serve if any delegate is absent. Club delegates and alternates shall be active members of the clubs they represent. However, the Lieutenant Governor or a past Lieutenant Governor may represent any club in their division not otherwise represented by three delegates. Delegates shall be elected by each club prior to the convention and certified to the district by the club president and secretary. A current or past Lieutenant Governor representing a club may be certified by the Credentials Committee or its designee.

Section 7. Official delegates of a newly organized club shall be granted full privileges at district conventions after the charter has been approved by the Kiwanis International Board of Trustees, even if it has not been formally presented to such club.

Section 8. All officers, Past Governors, Secretaries Emeriti and Lt. Governors-designate of this District who are active members of a Kiwanis club in this District which is the primary club of such delegates shall be delegates-at-large to all District Conventions.

Section 9: To be accredited, a delegate must have paid a convention registration fee, if such is required.

Section 10.  There shall be no voting by proxy or absentee ballot.

Delegates-at-large do not need to complete this form. However, those eligible as delegates-at-large who are serving for a specific club should be submitted on the club’s form.

Choosing a Lt. Governor or Past Lt. Governor

If you choose to have the current Lt. Governor or a past Lt. Governor in your division represent your club as one of your delegates, please use this form to certify them as a delegate (but only if they are specifically representing your club – otherwise, they do not have to complete the form since they are automatically delegates-at-large).

Please complete and submit the below form at the earliest possible date and before July 28, 2023. Any last-minute changes or additions of delegate names may be presented to the Credentials Committee at the District Convention in the form of a letter signed by the club president and secretary.

No delegate will receive voting credentials for any club that has any indebtedness to Kiwanis International or the Cal-Nev-Ha District. Please ensure your club’s financial obligations are paid prior to the convention.


Certification of Delegates and Alternates

This is to certify the following members of the Kiwanis Club listed below are the Duly elected Delegates and Alternates of this club for the 103rd Annual Convention of the California-Nevada- Hawaii District of Kiwanis International to be held in Sparks, NV - August 10-12, 2023.

Enter NONE if no delegate is elected.
Enter NONE if no delegate is elected.
Enter NONE if no delegate is elected.

No Alternates will be given credentials until the morning of Saturday, August 12, 2023

***This is to certify our club will be represented by our Lt. Governor or a Past Lt. Governor in this division, named below as one of the (3) elected delegates we have listed above:
Only complete if you don't have a club member representing your club.

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