District Officer Resources

Governor, Governor-elect, Immediate Past Governor


District Board MeetingsElection Procedures and Forms
Parliamentary Procedure (and Summary)District Bylaws
Trustees Election Procedure (pg. 12)

District Policy
Election Procedure (pgs. 97-103)
Declaration of Candidacy Form
Trustee Election Report
Consent and Assurance Form


Reports Election Procedure and Forms
District Bylaws
Election Procedure for Lt. Governor (Pg. 11)
Training and Contact Visits Report
(Due by Dec. 1st)
District Policy
Election Procedures (Pgs 104-107)
*Official Club Visits Report (Due by March 15th) Lt. Governor Election Form
*Official Board Visits Report (Due by May 31st)
  • Lt. Governor Expense Report (Reimbursement Request Form)
    If expensing mileage for Official Club or Board Visits you must include the completed above Reports.*

2024-2025 Lt. Governor Mileage Form (click on this link to complete and submit the online form)